Flo & Sang came about in the school play ground!

Both having worked in the Fashion industry for over 20 years Sang from a Design & Manufacturing background and Flo from Buying and Design, Sang was keen to try new areas of fashion and Flo was ready to leave the corporate world behind.
Bringing together our shared knowledge and experiences not only made a lot of sense but has been so much fun, years of experience but watching Sang try to use a photocopier is priceless entertainment.

We have shared values and this is key to a strong brand.

We have a passion for true sustainability, we have both become so Disillusioned by the general approach to sustainability, we feel  there is only 1 true answer that will help the world, make clothing, people love so they wear it multiple times, make clothing thats is well made so it can be worn multiple times, finish your clothing so it doesn’t fall apart or shrink!
If you don’t wear the clothing you buy it really doesn’t matter how sustainable  it says it is it is not good for our world.
In addition we work on small runs of each style, limiting any excess stock waste.

This is one of the most regular topics around a retailers table how do we get this right?

We like so many others don’t have the answer. The problem is complex for two reasons, firstly most of us don’t really know what size we are, our weight naturally fluctuates, and secondly we all like to wear clothing differently.
What we can do is simplify the situation so we offer  1,2,3. What is key is we tell you what size the model is and what size she’s wearing, then you can chose.

Gender Neutral
We are delighted to be able to move the brand forward into a Gender Neutral platform, we have organically developed the product to be none gender specific as we have had a number of loyal males customers who love the brand, and we often think of them as we design, we plan to have male models for up coming shoots.


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