Flo & Sang is a collaboration of two people, both with over 20 years of experience in the fashion business. Both Flo & Sang are constantly looking for new ideas to bring to their customers, through fabrics, prints and new styles. The Brand was developed to offer women of all ages a range of Easy to wear, Laid back luxurious Basics.

We at Flo & Sang use our experience to take the best quality fabrics available and match it with styles you will want to wear everyday. We want our collection to be the clothes you reach for everyday as your “Go to Look”. We work closely with amazing pattern cutters who understand how garments should fit.

We understand that a business like ours is built on customers buying and liking and wanting to come back. Using the best fabrics available we know our clothes will look good on you for years.

 F&S team in Formentera (Pre-Covid)  


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